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The Table is a place where people come together to nourish their bodies, learn to live sustainably, and to strengthen relationships.


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What is The Table?

The Table seeks to bridge the gap between dream and reality.  There are so many things we’d like to accomplish in our lives in terms of nutrition, but we have no idea how to get from where we are to where we’d like to be.  Maybe we lack motivation, knowledge, or support.

That’s where The Table comes in. 

We are here to serve you in ways you didn’t even know you needed.  We will help you see what your needs are, and how to inch and leap toward goals that once seemed unattainable. With us in your corner those ever elusive goals will be met, and you’ll find yourself setting new goals that you never dreamed were possible.  


Putting the “able” on The Table

We realize that becoming a fully nourished person requires more than the food we choose to eat.  Although that is a large part of being nourished, we want to come alongside you and provide more than just knowledge. We want to walk with you and celebrate your achievements with you. They become our achievements. Let’s do this together. 

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A Strange Tradition

You all know that healthy eating matters a great deal to me - but you may not know that sometimes tradition and memory trumps even that.  On Christmas Eve my family has two traditions: Christmas brunch at our home with my entire side of the family, and attending the...

Prioritizing…and Thanks.

Christmas decorations are out, and have been for months (at the store at least). Parties are being had. Cookies are being baked. Presents are being purchased and wrapped.  Plans are being made. This time of year has always been a favorite of mine - the smells, the...

Thanksgiving Classics with a Twist

When my husband, Barry, and I first started dating (we’d been on one date) he saved my Thanksgiving with a plate full of his mom’s turkey.  See, I was living in Indianapolis at the time, and went home to be with my family in the Cincinnati area for the day.  I was...

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